Honest EarthVPN Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide [July 2020 ]

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Sep 04, 2019 · EarthVPN was created by a company that conveniently has the same name, only with small differences (i.e., EarthVPN Ltd.) and is located in Northern Cyprus. The EarthVPN Ltd. company is not only a VPN service provider, but offers other services as well, including voice, data, Internet and web hosting to both residential and business customers.

EarthVPN implements OpenVPN protocol with AES cipher and 128bit and 256bit(Optional) encryption, hash algorithm is 160bit SHA1, control channel is TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA and 2048 bit RSA. EarthVPN provides OpenVPN / SSL VPN protocol on TCP ports 80 (http), 443 (https), 992, 1194, 8888 and UDP ports 53 (dns), 80, 992, 1194 and 8888.

About Earthvpn.com: EarthVPN is a company based in Northern Cyprus that offers full VPN service to 6 continents around the globe. The company originated from a service provider that delivers a comprehensive range of services, such as data, voice and web hosting products to commercial and residential customers across five cities in Cyprus.

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