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The first time that happened to me, I though something was broken in Google Chrome and did all kinds of error-solving actions, like restarting the browser, restarting the Mac, resetting Google Chrome to its default and rebuilt the tabs and re-pinned them… Nothing helped. Google Chrome - Restore to Default Settings - CCM Sep 05, 2019 fuck you chrome devs - Fuck you google chrome just Even on ubuntu at my work place, Google Chrome crashes my PC. Esp when using Dev tools and selectcing color. Even after having 8 GB RAM!! I had only using 5 - 8 tabs open. Fuck Google Chrome! 3. linuxxx. 154355. 3y. @dontbeevil Hey, another person who doesn't like Google

fuck you chrome devs - Fuck you google chrome just

In the Google Chrome Properties dialog, go to Security tab and tap on Advanced. Step 4: When the " Advanced Security Settings for Google Chrome " window pop up, tap Change button. Step 5: Type your username in the box under Enter the object name to select , click on Check Names OK button. This morning I opened up Chrome as usual and was horrified to find my bookmarks bar nearly empty. All my carefully organized and saved sites gone. After searching a bit online, I found this isn't Chrome 69 released to users on September 5, and you likely noticed that it has a different look.But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to log in to the browser with your Google

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Apr 23, 2017 How to restore the old Google Chrome design - gHacks Tech News