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Looking for get_iplayer? Look no further! Find beginners guides, downloads or get help in the get_iPlayer forums. No, it does not cost you to download the BBC iPlayer apps from either the iOS or Android app stores. However, it is necessary for you to have a subscription for BBC iPlayer to watch all the content available in their app. Jul 13, 2020 · Not all of NordVPN’s UK servers unlock BBC iPlayer but a quick message to NordVPN’s 24/7 live chat support will let you know which servers are currently working. NordVPN provides great speeds for buffer-free streaming and a no-logs policy for privacy, too. Download it now and enjoy the Radio at its best with Global Player. Your favourite radio , that you control, all in one place. Hear the best shows from the biggest names in radio, including Roman Kemp, Chris Moyles, Nick Ferrari, Myleene Klass, James O'Brien, Johnny Vaughan, Eddie Mair and many more! All have the same issue. Just iPlayer does not load, all else work just fine. This is an iPlayer issue, in my opinion. I have tried every possible troubleshooting issue with my cables, routers, firmware, etc. etc. even running ethernet to my Roku3 and trying powerline extenders. Nothing makes iPlayer work on any of the 3 Rokus, wireless or wired. Connecting to one Dublin server in Ireland will not work if you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. What If You Are Connected to a Server in the UK, but BBC iPlayer Still Isn't Working? If you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK, you need to connect to the UK - BBC server. The rest don’t work for BBC. It's Not Working on Due to content licensing issues and contracts, BBC iPlayer service does not work in Malaysia and anywhere outside the United Kingdom, for that matter. This means you have to be either in the UK to watch BBC iPlayer or you can use a VPN app at all times.

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Solved: BBC IPLAYER PROBLEM - NOW TV Community It has become really annoying and only seem to have started in the last few months. I've tried removing the iplayer app and re-installing it, but the problem persisted and I am sure that there is not a problem with my broadband speeds. I suspect that the problem started when the iplayer application was last updated on 21/Apr/17 (version 2.4).