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Jun 25, 2019 ‎Startpage Private Search on the App Store OVERVIEW OF STARTPAGE SEARCH FEATURES - Fully integrated web browser - Full web-search capability with superior result quality - Full image search - Powerful Advanced Search capabilities - Control over display settings and privacy features PRIVATE PROXY SURFING FEATURE When you need extra privacy, you'll love our Proxy. 9 Best Private Search Engines for 2020 | Restore Privacy

StartPage Search Engine Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

Well picks up very similar results as to what Google would pick up. doesn't log your IP address and supports 256 bit SSL. A really cool part about is its proxy tool. For example - lets say you wanted to view the NASA website - enter NASA into the engine, then click "proxy".

The Scoop:, which calls itself the world’s most private search engine, has been at the forefront of the online privacy movement since 2006.This company challenged big data mining practices before major websites started making headlines for sharing personal data with marketing companies, law enforcement agencies, and third-party organizations.

Ixquick Reviews - 10 Reviews of | Sitejabber To avoid this, you can use the Ixquick Proxy which allows you to visit third-party websites through Ixquick without anyone, including the website and its partners, seeing you. Note that StartPage by Ixquick typically returns a couple of pages of results initially, but if you scroll down, more results often load. StartPage HTTPS Search for Safari for Mac - Free download Nov 10, 2013 Top search site that doesn't track you - offers actual Google search results in privacy. No personal information is recorded and Google never sees you. Another feature StartPage offers that sets it apart is a free proxy.