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Oct 22, 2008 Cisco ASA Licensing Explained - Packet Pushers UC Proxy bypasses the router and uses the IP phone as the VPN endpoint. UC Proxy licenses are sold in numerous tiers ranging from 24 to 10,000 concurrent connections. The licenses cannot be stacked, but incremental licenses can be purchased. AnyConnect Mobile Licenses Buy Cisco ASA 5500 Anyconnect Licenses - ITNetworkSwitches Get the Best Price of Cisco ASA 5500 Anyconnect Licenses from ITNetworkSwitches. Buy New and Used Of Cisco ASA 5500 at Competitive Price. Next Day Delivery and Free Shipping. Cisco VPN Licenses ASA-AC-PH-5545 AnyConnect VPN Phone . Call for Price Buy Now. ASA-VPNP-5512= Cisco VPN Licenses ASA-VPNP-5512 Premium Shared VPN Par. Call for Price What license needed for ASA5508 Anyconnect Mobile? : Cisco

Additionally, you can also use this license’ with the AnyConnect Mobile license’ for access from mobile devices like phones or tablets, this license’ is an additional purchase. Failover : Prior to version 8.3, if you have failover firewalls and are using Essentials licenses you need to purchase an Essentials license’ for BOTH firewalls.

Logging AnyConnect Users : Cisco Director wants us to log the last date a User connects to the VPN, the User ID (AD Account), and the name of said user. What is the best method to go about this? We utilize ISE for auth/authz and then ASA for AnyConnect. We came across one Cisco post that details doing some kind of AnyConnect syslogging, but overall, I feel that'll be a clunky Remote Access VPN | Enterprise Information Technology Services

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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Phone License - license - 1 phone - ASA-AC-PH-5555= - Phone System Architecture - Cisco AnyConnect Plus License (Equivalent to the old Essentials License) 5, 3 or 1-Year Term The AnyConnect Plus Licenseis asubscription-based licensewith the option of a 5, 3or 1-year renewable subscription and supports the following features: VPN Support for Devices. Includes Workstations and Laptops. AnyConnect VPN Phone License - ASA 5555-X (req Premium lic) $400.00 $180.00 ( 55% OFF ) 8.3(1) name changed to “anyconnect premium ssl vpn” 8.4(1) name changed to “anyconnect premium” AnyConnect for Mobile. This license allows AnyConnect connections from mobile devices. There is current support for iPhone, iPad, Android version 4.0 and up, rooted Androids and Samsung Galaxy’s. The mobile license is on or off and not tied to a number of users. It costs between $100-$500. Cisco L-ASA-AC-PH-5510= AnyConnect VPN Phone License - License - 1 phone - requires Premium Shared VPN Participant License for ASA 5510, ESD - Win Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.