The world's leading RADIUS server. The project includes a GPL AAA server, BSD licensed client and PAM and Apache modules. Full support is available from NetworkRADIUS.

How to set Radius server (NPS) when using WPA-EAP, WPA2 Configure Radius Server on the SonicPoint Click Configure button at Radius Server Settings area Input Radius Server IP and Secret (the default port is 1812). Click button OK. After clicking OK, the Radius configuration is done, but at the moment a window will pop up, which informs you to add necessary NAT policy and/or change firewall access How to configure SSH authentication to a FreeRADIUS server Oct 31, 2019 How to configure RADIUS authentication between Gaia OS and Configuration on Security Gateway in Gateway mode (non-VSX): Connect to Gaia Portal. Go to the User Management section - click on the Authentication Servers page.; In the RADIUS Servers section, click on Add.; In the Add new RADIUS Server window, configure the following:. Priority: the priority of the RADIUS server, in case there are more than one Host: wither IPv4 address, or FQDN of the

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The firewall and Panorama support the following RADIUS VSAs. To define VSAs on a RADIUS server, you must specify the vendor code (25461 for Palo Alto Networks firewalls or Panorama) and the VSA name and number. Some VSAs also require a value. Refer to your RADIUS server documentation for the steps to define these VSAs. Windows Network Policy Server Basic Radius Configuration Jun 14, 2016